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Greed…Tisk Tisk


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There are many problems in this world today.  One of those problems being greed.  Greed is the constant desire to want more.  While some say greed is what makes the world go round I agree with many of the others, it is what destroys us.

In my opinion greed is the worlds biggest problem.  Some may say it is war, but ask your self, what is it that fuels or starts that war?  In some cases greed can be the strive for business owners to become the best and destroy the rest.  This can set hundreds upon thousands out of jobs.  You could even say it is causing this economy status of 2009.

Greed is caused by the selfish people of this world.  Take Bernard Madoff for example, He has robbed the people of America setting us back even farther in our economy.   This world is filled with to much greed already, we don’t need more.

Furthermore greed affects everybody.  Greed can be what runs you out of a job, or it can even be what makes you rich.  But do you want to be the man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience?  I know I don’t, because that man is a failure.

Ultimately there is no way to fix this problem.  If we were to fix it, it would be the best move this world has ever made.  If there was no greed everybody would be equal to the next.  There would be no crime or hate just a better place to live.  If only this was a greed free world.


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